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Q-Mark Probe Styli: Orders Placed by Noon PT Ship Out Same-Day* | Ultra-Fast Service | Always Guaranteed | Proudly USA Made
Q-Mark Probe Styli: Orders Placed by Noon PT Ship Out Same-Day* | Ultra-Fast Service | Always Guaranteed | Proudly USA Made

Comment Card Archives

Comment Card Archives

January 2016


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A representative from a California-based contract manufacturing firm writes, "We're very happy with the efficient service Q-Mark provides.  We also love your pens.  Thank you!"


You're welcome!  And thank you for your business!

December 2015


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This card comes from a large aerospace manufacturer in the southern US. The author writes, "Earlier this summer, your company sent me some free 5mm M3 stylus extensions. That was awesome! I will happily purchase some more if added to the website."


Thanks for the suggestion! The parts on now available in our online store at

October 2015


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October's Card of the Month is from a client at a medical device and aerospace component builder in New England. She writes, "Needed a special made probe.  Was done in one day.  Very happy with turnaround time."


If you need something special, chances are we can build it for you in one day.  Try us and see!


September 2015


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September's Card of the Month is from a client at a major aerospace component builder in the Southern US. He writes, "I plan on recommending your products to other CMM professionals whenever I get the chance.  Y'all rock!"


What's special about his message is that he recognizes the growing community of CMM professionals.  We've been serving CMM professionals like him since we opened our doors in 1992.  When you call or write to us, you get a response from an individual who knows what we make and what they do.  You're a CMM professional.  Why not be treated like one?

June 2015


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June's Card of the Month is from a client at a Kentucky-based manufacturer of aluminum extrusions.  He writes, "This was an emergency order.  Appreciate the quick response".


The card is written in pencil, so it's a little difficult to read.  However, the message is clear: Q-Mark helped this person out of a jam.  We do that practically every day.  That's what we mean by "The best service in the industry"!

May 2015


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May's Card of the Month is the most singular we've ever received.  It contains upside-down writing, several puns, and wonderful compliments, like "Your probing saved the day!!!" and  "You guys absolutely hit it out of the park each and every time I order probing!"  Both sides of the card are festooned with marvelous comments.


Our client is a senior CMM programmer at a New England-based manufacturing firm supplying complex machined parts to the aerospace and power generation industries.  We're speechless and extremely grateful for the sentiments! 

April 2015


April's Card of the Month is from a biomedical firm in New Jersey. After putting three(!) check marks on "It is easy to do business with Q-Mark", our client writes, "Extra shipping goodies are most welcome!"  


Full disclosure: as a youngster, I liked Cracker Jack candy because there was a "prize in every package".  At Q-Mark, we carry on that tradition by including swag with all our shipments.  Try us and see for yourself! (Click on image to enlarge)

January 2015

This card is from an employee of a Michigan-based aircraft maintenance firm.  He writes, "We are a small company, so we don't buy all the time.  When I do buy, I start at Q-Mark.  Good website, great phone support, repairs have been outstanding."

November 2014

A client in New Jersey placed an online order with us.  Later, he realized he'd made an error on his order.  No problem!  He contacted us via email and we fixed the error.  He got the parts he needed without any additional delay.  He writes, "I originally made an error on my order.  Vicki G. was most helpful in getting it corrected.  Thank you."


That's what we call "The Best Service in the Industry"!

June 2014

 "Great working with you - your company gets better all the time.  Keep it up.", writes the Quality Manager at a precision machine shop in Colorado.


May 2014

"Appreciate the fast service.  You have saved us many times.  My sole source.", writes a satisfied client from Connecticut.

April 2014

"Keep up the good work", writes a Q-Mark client in Southern California. Thanks, we appreciate that!

February 2014

"A wonderful company to work with", writes an Ohio-based client.  That simple sentence sums up our business philosophy.  Thank you!

January 2014

"Great selection / variety" writes a client from Louisiana.